About us

The Giving Theorem

For men who feel overwhelmed by gift giving, The Giving Theorem is a personal shopping service that combines your knowledge of her likes, dislikes, interests and style with our ability to find a great gift that aligns with her taste, the occasion, and your budget. 

Why Shop with The Giving Theorem?

Giving gifts should be an act of love, not something that stresses and frustrates you at every holiday, birthday and anniversary. The Giving Theorem helps you find gifts based on your relationship. You tell us about her and I find gifts that she will like, making you shine in her eyes. For men who are busy and, let's face it, dread shopping, The Giving Theorem makes giving simple and joyful - for both you and her.

Our Founding

In 2016, I founded this business after realizing my husband was one of few men who enjoyed and succeeded at gift giving. His process is simple: he goes to stores and finds a sales person that had a similar look and style to me. He then asks her a ton of questions to get a great idea for a gift. He uses his knowledge of me with the insight from a sales person to find spot-on gifts.

Most of my friends' significant others seem to hate gift giving, primarily because the shopping process can be overwhelming. There are so many items available to purchase - how do you choose something when it is for a woman with very specific taste? 

That's where my idea was born. The Giving Theorem combines your knowledge about her with our knowledge about giving. Our success is in finding the balance between science and human touch.

The Start-Up Phase

The Giving Theorem is an incredibly young company. We're still learning as we grow and we'll take all the feedback and creative ideas you think might be useful for me. Feel like sharing? Send me an email

Entrepreneurship is amazingly tough and rewarding. We wouldn't be around without the support of our business incubator, Betablox. Thinking of starting a business? If you're based in the Kansas City metro, check out Betablox. If you're outside of this area, research other incubators. They are invaluable.