You Know Her, We Know Gifts

A few years ago, I was shopping for that perfect gift for my wife, Katie. I was looking for a gift that would exceed her expectations. That day, my successful shopping led to an idea that eventually became The Giving Theorem.

It was the Christmas season and like most men, I waited until last minute to go out shopping. Knowing that I didn't know what to buy, I found a salesperson at the department store that reminded me of Katie. I described my wife to her and she walked me around the store to find a great gift - what ended up being a high-end purse that she could use both in daily life and for date night. 

Katie loved the gift - she still uses the purse all the time. My method worked - find someone, ask questions, provide a lot of information, and be patient while shopping. 

After the holidays, we kept hearing how great Katie's purse was from our friends' wives. They didn't seem as enthusiastic about their gifts. 

That's when the lightbulb went off - we thought that it would be great to provide men with a way to find gifts that their significant others would like. And, that's how the Giving Theorem came to be.

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