When She Becomes a Mother

Becoming Parents

You and your wife probably spent a great deal of time talking about parenthood. After enjoying time with someone else's baby, you look at each different, because it’s only inevitable that you then imagine your spouse with your child. You tell each other what an amazing parent they’ll be, but it’s impossible for us to truly know what type of parent we’ll be until we’re in it. Nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent, even watching your wife’s belly grow over 9 months.

One day, you’re sitting on the couch, enjoying an ice-cold drink and the game, and the very next day it seems that you’re arriving home with a tiny, squirming, package. You have faith that your partner is ready for this adventure, and she has faith in you.

Overcoming Challenges to Find Greater Love

You don’t have to be the perfect parents, nor does parenthood prevent you from having marital challenges. For every moment of bliss there will be an equally tough moment. Anyone with kids knows that some days are fraught with frustration. That’s okay, though, because at the end of the life you’ll look at your wife and think that she’s more awesome now than she was before.

You watched her give birth to your child, and sure, you supported her through the delivery, but she experienced hours of pain and exhaustion to produce your child. You weren’t just in awe of the resulting baby, you were in awe of the strength your wife has and the physical pain she handled. Even though she went through all of that pain, and carried your child for a full 9 months of discomfort, ankle swelling, indigestion, irritability, and restless nights, she still wouldn't change it for the world.

You may question you’re doing it right, but your wife tells you all the time that you’re the best dad. She fills you with confidence, with words of encouragement. Because even though other people don’t see you up in the middle of the night, or changing diapers, she sees you and she appreciates every effort that you put in. Every effort that you make relieves her of duty, giving her the rest she desperately needs to get through tomorrow.

As you handle projectile vomit and projectile poop at 3:30 in the morning, you may wonder what you’ve gotten yourself into. Yet, when you and your wife burst into hysterical laughter looking at each other covered in baby mess, it all seems worthwhile... even if you do have more dirty laundry than physically possible to tackle.

So, when you watch your wife with your baby and feel love bubbling within you, know this: she feels the exact same way when she watches you contort your face into the strangest entertaining looks to keep your baby occupied.

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