Valentine's Day Bouquets: which is right for her?

Sending her flowers is always a nice gesture, but be sure to give her a bouquet that fits her personality and style. We've partnered with leading national florists to hand-select gorgeous floral arrangements that we think she'll love. Below, we've included our affiliate links to specific bouquets that we think will wow her. My personal favorite? The Woodlands Beauty.


Classic Rose

She loves tradition and symbolic gestures. Often an admirer of classic beauty, she views the past through a romantic lens.

Fifty Red Roses

Did you know that giving fifty red roses symbolizes unconditional love? 

Cupid's Creation

Cupid's creation is a perfectly romantic bouquet, certain to take her breath away.

My True Love Bouquet

Dark red roses mean unconscious beauty, just like her: stunning and she doesn't even realize.


Spring Tulip

Sweet and free-spirited, this woman finds beauty in everything. She's spontaneous and thinks variety is the spice of life.

Woodlands Beauty

Whimsical and sweet, the woodlands rose bouquet will appeal to her love of nature.

Passionate Purple Tulips

These purple tulips will stand out to her as their color represents creativity, mystery, and magic.

Rush of Color Bouquet

This brightly colored bouquet of tulips brings happiness to her home. They'll make her smile.


Exotic Orchid

She's unique, strong and independent, often seeking new experiences and bold fashion. She commands attention.

Tickled Pink Orchids

This bouquet of orchids is like none you've seen before. Unique and bold, this will catch her attention.

Love Is In the Air

Quirky and adorable, these little love terrariums will appeal to her for their uniqueness. 

Royal Beauty Orchid

This stunning orchid plant will continue to remind her how much you care, far beyond Valentine's Day.



As mentioned above, this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we receive a commission on your purchase.

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