Quality Time

Let's talk quality time. It's a gift that costs virtually nothing and that can be incredibly meaningful and impactful. And yet, prioritizing quality time doesn't happen as often as it should. Life gets busy (especially if you have kids). Technology gets in the way. Work never seems to end. But there are a million ways to sneak in a few minutes to connect. Even just a five-minute uninterrupted conversation can help.

Here are five simple ideas to find some meaningful time to connect, any day of the week:

  1. Just before bed. Put down cell phones, turn off the TV and talk about your day. Bonus points: offer to rub her shoulders or feet.
  2. At dinner. Light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy the meal. If you have kids, pick one night a week where you feed them before you and your significant other have your meal. Pop in a movie for them while the two of you eat together.
  3. In the car. Have you ever tried turning off the radio while you're in the car together? It's a great way to have an uninterrupted conversation. Just don't miss a stop sign or red light if you get too immersed in the topic.
  4. Over coffee in the morning. Whether you make coffee at home or you're a coffee shop devotee, convert your need for caffeine into a need to connect by simply combining the two.
  5. On the move. Whether it's a walk around the neighborhood (with the kids in strollers) or lifting weights together at the gym (with your kids in the gym's daycare), this is a great way to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. A boost for your health and for your relationship.

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