5 Ways that Motherhood Makes a Woman Even More Desirable

Having kids is a big deal, and it’s easy to romanticize the entire process.

Let’s be honest, though: with every cuddly, bouncing baby who offers unconditional love comes a pooping, crying, incredibly needy human being that can keep parents up all night, elbows deep in dirty diapers. I mean, how could you not desire a woman with poop on her t-shirt?

In all seriousness, though, when a woman becomes a mother she becomes more desirable, and here are just five ways that show how true this is:

1. Your bond deepens from a living, breathing connection.

The two of you were a family unit, but that bond only strengthens when your first child arrives. You already shared a deep love, but your child is something that you created together, share in raising, and love unconditionally. Your desire for your partner grows in a new way - one that’s deeper and more connected because you’re now bonded together through a physical, living, breathing human.

2. Your perspective shifts as you watch her grow as a mother.

You thought you loved your partner more than you could have ever imagined? Just wait until your baby arrives. You’ll watch as she delicately bathes your newborn and then sings them to sleep. Yes, even when she’s changing diapers your heart will be so full of love that it feels as though it could burst. You’ll soon realize that there’s nothing more incredible than watching her care for, love, and play with your children.

3. Teamwork has a new meaning that’s far sexier than you ever thought.

As a duo, you faced challenges and came out on top. Having a child together makes you the ultimate team. Whether it’s up to you to get the bottles ready for the night time feed so she can get up, or vice versa, you will find a new appreciation for your partner when you work through the new expectations of parenthood. You’d be surprised at how desirable you’ll find your partner when she offers to take diaper duty for the day in exchange for a power nap later in the afternoon.

4. You see her love radiate despite sleep deprivation.

Anyone who has gone without sleep for a length of time will know that you can easily turn into a monster. Newborns don’t care who becomes a monster, as long as they are fed and changed…and unfortunately, she will likely be impacted the most in terms of sleep deprivation, especially if she’s nursing. Despite her sleep deprived state, you will see love radiate from her - Motherhood makes her even more beautiful. You know she sacrifices her sleep to ensure your child is healthy and happy. You look at her, your child, and your life, knowing that there is nowhere you would rather be. The true testament of love is surviving the tough times (and believe me, sleep deprivation causes tough times) and coming out at the other end more in love than ever before.

5. You see your child’s mother in everything he or she does. 

This is true whether your children are biological, adopted, or even stepchildren. When you and your partner are raising children together, they pick up the mannerisms and habits of the parents who love them daily and raise them. It’s an incredible moment when you look at your child and suddenly see your partner’s goofy expressions or mischievous smirk on your child’s face. As babies grow to toddlers, your heart will swell when you begin hearing your partner’s sweet nicknames given to your child’s beloved toys as they play: “Honey, sweetie-pie, here is your tutu and your ice cream cone!”  As your child grows to become more like your partner, it is impossible for your love not to deepen.

Yes, it’s true that there are plenty of difficult (and gross) moments in motherhood that make a woman feel less than desirable… but it’s those moments along with the love you never expected you would feel so strongly for her and your child that makes her so much sexier than she realizes.

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