23 Things Moms Do Every Day That Deserve Praise (and Gifts)


Praising Mom for All She Does

Mother’s Day is the day that we celebrate the gift of having mothers, which is why they deserve gifts in return. Maybe we shouldn’t need a specific day to let our mothers know that they are loved and appreciated. But, because overall, we don’t do a great job of letting moms know how much we need, love and appreciate all that they do, we have a holiday to celebrate them.

You can (and should!) still thank your mom every day, but Mother’s Day is dedicated to celebrating their efforts and commitment. Think about it: she’s always there for you, so you should commit to making her one day as special as possible.

Just consider the things that moms do every single day that are worthy of our praise, gratitude, thanks, and gifts!

Things Moms Do Each and Every Day

  1. Catching you when you fall.
  2. Teaching you to get up no matter how many times you fall.
  3. Cheering you on, whether it’s at a play, game, science fair, graduation, finishing your homework, or because of a job promotion.
  4. Supporting you in any endeavor that you tackle.
  5. Staying up all night to nurse you back to health when you were ill.
  6. Staying up late to help finish homework and doing so with sincere patience.
  7. Teaching you that words have power. They can bring joy, and also cause pain. She taught you to be careful with your own words.
  8. When you’ve been hurt by others’ words, she’s taught you to be unafraid of your feelings while encouraging you to look beyond the words to find your own value.
  9. Finding fun in the every day. Between planning fun activities, or spontaneously taking you for an adventure, she always brings delight to each day.
  10. Offering forgiveness for so many words and actions.
  11. Building forts to watch movies in.
  12. Picking up your dirty laundry, washing it, folding it, and putting it back in the drawers.
  13. Waking you up in the morning, making sure you’re bathed, dressed, and making sure you leave on time.
  14. Ensuring that your stomach is full at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, making sure you don’t eat too many sweets.
  15. Taking pictures to capture the best memories.
  16. Making time for each of her children to ensure they feel special and loved.
  17. Encouraging you to follow your dreams, even if they don’t seem practical.
  18. Providing advice that wasn’t necessarily wanted, but was absolutely needed.
  19. Knowing exactly the right thing to say and when to say it.
  20. Handling the carpool, whether it be pickups, drop-offs, or both.
  21. Running around to get everyone to their activities on time, and then doing the same again to pick everyone up.
  22. Finding little ways to ensure that you feel special.
  23. Offering unconditional love.

Everyone knows that moms are who keep us in check, alive and well, whether you’re 2 years old or 32 years old. You never stop being your mom’s baby, and that’s okay- because there isn’t a love like hers anywhere else.

So, take time out to praise your mom, and this Mother’s Day, make sure you give her the best gift possible, whether that’s simply a huge hug, a beautiful piece of jewelry, or an adventure she’s wanted to take for ages. Just find a way to show her how much you care.

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